Cultural Program


Montréal, 20-21-22 janvier 2012

We’d like to thank all the immigrant women artists who have agreed to participate on a volunteer basis in this meeting of immigrant and racialized women in Québec (writers, photographers, artisans, comedians, singers, slam poets, dancers, actresses). Their cultural and artistic contributions enrich and widen the scope of our/their event.

Friday January 20th 2012

Theatre-Slam Fusion: Tunisian slam poet Queen Ka and the Caravane des solidarités féministes  (5:30PM-5:55PM)

Testimonials in slam and theatre of the challenges that immigrant women face

Sound Theatre: Iranian artist Shahrzad Ashradi (5:55PM-6:08PM)

Hommage to the memory of Canadian photographer of Iranian descent, Zahra Kazemi, tortured to death in Iran

Saturda January 21st 2012

Indian dance: by the Indian dancer Deepali Lindblom (4:ooPM-4:10PM)

Comedy inspired by the: by the Tunisian artist Nabila Ben Youssef (4:10PM-4:25PM)

Latin Music Moment: by the Chilean singer Pamela Vergara (4:25PM-4:45PM)

Belly-dancing: by the Moroccan artist Fouzia Aachi (4:45PM-5:00PM)

For the occasion of the États généraux sur la situation les femmes immigrées et racisées, please visit
January 20th, 21st, 22nd 2012
At the Centre communautaire et culturel chinois de Montréal (1088 Clark)

Temporary list of participating artists

Twenty-two women artists from Québec, from different origins of immigrantsL writers, photographers, artists and artisans in painting, jewelry, mosaics, ceramics, glasswork… will exhibit their works and creations in the cultural space of the États généraux sur la situation des femmes immigrées et racisées for three days (January 20th, 21st, 22nd) at the same time as the États généraux panels are taking place.

Book Pavilion

Fourteen immigrant writers from different origins will exhibit their works in our cultural space (to know more about the journey of a writer, click on her name).

Writers                                            Country of Origin

Nadia Ghalem    Algeria

Sonia Anguelova   Bulgaria

Emeline Pierre      Guadeloupe

Raja El Ouadili  Morocco

Veena Gokhale      India

Myriame El Yamani     Morocco

Linda Leith   Northern Ireland

Monique Hauy    France

Cécile Ngo Holl    Cameroun

Elsie Suréna  Haïti

Claude-Émilie Marec (Pseudonyme artistique : Émilie Smac)  France

Anica Lazin     Ex Yugoslavia

Michèle Gavazzi   Uruguay

Felicia Mihali      Romania

Photography Pavilion

Three immigrant photographers will exhibit their work in our cultural space (to know more about the journey of each photographer, please click on her name). 

Photographers Country of Origin

Kiran AmbwaniIndia

Elsie Suréna  Haïti

Awa Dembele-Yeno (Artist’s Pseudonym: Nytha Oronga)  Gabon

Arts and Crafts Pavilion 

Five immigrant women, artists and artisans in jewelry, mosaic, ceramic, glasswork, painting… will exhibit in our cultural space (to know more about the journey of each artist or artisan, please click on her name). 

Artists and Artisans   Country of Origin 

Denise Mardkar (jewelry)  Iran

Najat Bendriss (oil painting and jewelry)   Morocco

Florence Augustin (hand-painted crafts)  Haïti

Mona Khalil (mosaics, ceramics and glasswork)   Egypt

Nadia Og (jewelry)  Algeria

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