États généraux sur la situation des femmes immigrées et racisées du Québec

There is still room! Registration is extended until January 18th, 2012 at 5:00PM.

Les États généraux. What are they about?

Les États généraux sur la situation des femmes immigrées et racisées is a provincial meeting taking place from January 20th to the 22nd 2012. It is the outcome of a multifaceted project encompassing extensive field research conducted between 2009 and 2010, along with gender and leadership workshops. The meeting aims to lead roughly 300 immigrant and racialized women from different regions in Québec to imperative courses of action, with the participation of roughly 200 guests with backgrounds in community and feminist work, and institutions.

Access to employment, which is the core of integration, will obviously be a priority. However, our field research from 2010 conducted among over 200 immigrant and racialized women in seven (7) regions in Québec also demonstrated  numerous sustained structural obstacles that compromise the economic autonomy of these women, as well as their equality.

Francisation fosters adequate socio-economic integration. However, its difficulty in access, the devaluation of diplomas and work experience outside of Canada, the shortage of jobs allowing one to gain local experience, the lack of spots in affordable daycare, among many other obstacles, all contribute to the isolation of many women. These hindrances compel them to abandon their qualifications and experiences, forcing them into precarious and unsuitable jobs when they are active on the job market.

This event will lead to a proposal of courses of action and feasible solutions in order to remedy the persistent predicament of inequality, while enabling immigrant and racialized women to be major players and advocates for change. This will allow them to create a space where they can reclaim their voices, and have their voices be heard.

The meeting will also promote visibility and leadership skills of immigrant and racialized women in Québec, while evaluating a series of gender and leadership workshops from the last two years among member organizations of the TCRI. These workshops will stimulate communication with a number of social workers in order to adjust the organisations’ needs in applying gendered approaches to their activities and projects. Under the auspices of the TCRI, Les États généraux sur la situation des femmes immigrées et racisées aims to better the prospects and living conditions of immigrant and racialized women province-wide.

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